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Svyaznoy has tested new connections. Cellular retailer opened the new format points


The Svyaznoy retailer began testing a new store format in Moscow – with an expanded range and zoning. If the experiment proves successful, the points of not only “Svyaznoy”, but also “Euroset” can pass to the new format.

The network “Svyaznoy” began in Moscow to test a new format of stores – under a new signboard, with an expanded assortment and a new concept of sales, RBC correspondents drew attention.

The experiment covered three points – on the Leningrad Highway, st. Krasnaya Presnya and Ryazansky Avenue. In addition to the usual smartphones, tablets and accessories to them are represented quadrocopters, helmets of virtual reality, projectors, devices of “smart” home. In this case, special zones with sofas are provided, so that buyers can more carefully familiarize themselves with new products.

As for the new logo, each of the three stores has its own, background colors and different letters – yellow, purple, gray and white. The current main variant of the logotype for Svyaznoy is gray letters under a line that combines five colors: blue, orange, light green, yellow and purple.

According to a source close to Svyaznoy, if successful, the new format will be extended to the entire network. At the same time, we are talking not only about the network of “Svyaznoy”, but also about “Euroset” – the shareholders of the companies are negotiating the merger. As a source close to Svyaznoy noted, the association under discussion will be held on the basis of this retailer and its formats.

The commercial director of Svyaznoy Dagmar Ivanov called the new stores a pilot project. The decision on whether the new concept will be extended to the entire retailer network has not yet been made, she noted.

“These stores are distinguished by a new approach to the product layout and choice of goods sold. Category managers prefer the most modern technologies for arranging smart home, travel and entertainment, “said RBC Angelina Starikova, key account manager for MULTI-CUBIC, the manufacturer of Cinemood mini projectors, which are presented in the” Connected “new format .

Oleg Malis told RBC that the launch of the new format “has nothing to do with the negotiations with MegaFon.” “It is connected with the need to update our own platform taking into account the changes that are happening around,” Malis said. The course of negotiations with “MegaFon” he declined to comment.

According to SPARK, the revenue of Svyaznoy Logistics (one of the main legal entities of Svyaznoy) in 2016 (the latest available data) was 74.9 billion rubles, net profit – 784.8 million rubles. In 2015, revenue was 76.59 billion rubles., Profit – 570.8 million rubles., In 2014 – 102.2 billion rubles. and 367 million rubles. respectively.

A representative of MegaFon, Julia Dorokhina, said that there is as yet no final decision on the future of Euroset. “There are several alternatives that we are still working on and can choose. Unification with Svyaznym is one of them, “Dorokhina said.

A representative of Euroset refused to comment on the possibility of merging with Svyaznoy.

The proceeds of Euroset-Retail in 2016 amounted to 59.166 billion rubles, a net loss of 4.26 billion rubles.

Leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin considers expedient the “Svyaznoy” to find a new format. He notes that physical retail is not losing popularity, Internet sales in the future at best will occupy 30%. “People need to feel the goods. If the offer in the store turns out to be attractive, they will acquire it – there is no point in wasting time waiting for the goods from the online store for a small saving, “Murtazin argues.

According to him, offline retailers have other advantages: availability of a guarantee, service, loyalty programs. However, to a greater extent the success of physical retail will be facilitated not by the expansion of the assortment of goods, but by the work with sellers. “The quality of sellers is the global problem of retail. Wherever it can be tightened, where there are no staff turnover, turnover is growing, “the analyst said.

Authors: Irina Li, Alexandra Posypkina, Anna Balashova.
With the participation: Timothy Dzyadko.

Original in Russian: RBC Daily

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