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One Person System: “Rostelecom” introduced a complex of biometric identification


Citizens will have the opportunity to become a client of the bank without appearing in the office as early as July 1. To credit organizations for such convenience of work with clients it is necessary to pay on 200 rbl.

The first working version of a single biometric system, which will allow citizens to become a bank customer without appearance at the department, was presented on Monday, February 19. As the correspondent of RBC, who was present at the presentation, now the system is ready for integration with the information systems of banks participating in the pilot. In the future, the system will expand from banking services to public services, health care, education, retail and others.

As Rostelecom (developer of the system) reported, a single biometric system will work in Russia from July 1, 2018. Vice-President for Business Development of Rostelecom Alexander Ayvazov said that for access to personal information of a citizen in a single identification database, banks will pay 200 rubles. At the same time, half of this amount will be received by the bank, which originally participated in the removal of primary biometrics, and another 100 rubles. will receive other participants of the system (the operator of the system itself, the portal of government services and vendors of technological solutions). The representative of Rostelecom did not disclose who participates in the development of the platform, noting only that different vendors are used for each parameter of system identification.

More than 20 banks have already started testing the system. They were given the opportunity to collect data in a test mode and carry out remote identification. The head of the project office of innovative development of the bank “Ak Bars” Damir Galiev clarified that before the entry into force of the law all work is carried out exclusively with virtual data obtained by emulation of real biometric data.

According to a member of the board of VTB Vladimir Verkhoshinsky, the amount of actions that a client can perform on the basis of biometric data is determined by the decision of the bank. At the initial stage of the introduction of the system, the user will be able to access simple transactions (transfer within his accounts or opening of a deposit into small amounts), but in the next two to three years, complex operations such as obtaining a mortgage will be available to clients, he said.

Data protection

Personal data will be stored in a secure circuit, and the system itself will be certified and certified in accordance with the requirements of the FSB, said director of the office “Digital Identity” “Rostelecom” Ivan Berov.

The digital platform itself is located in the cloud-protected infrastructure of Rostelecom, to which banks will access through special communication channels of the Inter-Agency Electronic Interaction System (SMEW).

Berov also added that the users’ data will be transmitted over secure communication channels using domestic crypto algorithms. To solve this problem, Rostelecom is developing a special mobile application with built-in cryptographic protection of information.

Cost estimate

Most of the representatives of banks interviewed by RBC agreed that the named cost of using remote identification is in line with their expectations. “From the point of view of the bank’s costs for attracting customers, this value is not high,” a VTB representative said, for example.

For banks attracting customers remotely, the cost of attracting through classical channels is much more expensive, says Vyacheslav Karnaushevsky, Binbank’s project manager. A source in the bank of the top 10 explained that the average cost of attracting a client in the banking market starts from one and a half thousand rubles and in some cases can reach 5-8 thousand rubles.

Svyatoslav Yemelyanov, member of the board, director of risk management, Bank of the Bank, agrees that the announced tariffs will allow banks to recoup in the coming years the costs of implementing software and technology complexes for the primary collection of biometric data.

However, not all market participants agree with these estimates. The head of the project on biometric identification of the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) Alexander Makhnev believes that 200 rubles. for every treatment – it’s too expensive. “Given that the number of active clients of the bank reaches one million people, the total amount can exceed hundreds of millions of rubles,” he adds.

Authors: Anastasia Krivorotova, Alexandra Posypkina.

Original in Russian: RBC Daily

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