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The government will restart the mechanism of special interest contracts


The new contract will be in demand by investors, consultants are sure.

There were special investment contracts (SPIKi) in 2015. Having concluded such a contract, the investor receives stable business conditions and tax benefits. In 2018 the mechanism can become even more attractive.

The draft reform of the mechanism has been prepared, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said on Monday. Vedomosti got acquainted with it (the content was confirmed by a federal official).
For investors, budget subsidies and guarantees will be increased, the draft amendments follow. The state guarantees that the conditions of doing business remain unchanged and will pay compensation if changes have caused damage to contractors, the federal official explains. In some cases, it guarantees demand or traffic and will pay subsidies with incomplete income, he says. The size of the subsidies will be determined at the stage of preparation for the conclusion of the SPIC, says the representative of the Ministry of Finance.

The term of the contracts will also be extended – SPICi and it will be possible to conclude the project for the period of the project’s release for operating profit plus five years or until the project pays off. The term will be determined at the stage of imprisonment and the largest of the two options is chosen, says the representative of the Ministry of Finance, but the contract will not be termless.

But the criteria for selecting projects will be toughened: for the conclusion of new SPICs it is necessary to invest not less than 1 billion rubles. own funds, follows from the project. Now the threshold is less – 750 million rubles, and money can be borrowed. The representative of the Economic Development Ministry declined to comment, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade did not respond to the request.

Provides for the project and new tax benefits: zero tax on profits credited to the federal budget (3 pp of 20%). Now the investor can not pay it unless the region has introduced SPIKi, provided tax incentives for them and 90% of the company’s work is related to the SPIC, says KPMG partner Nina Gulis. Now the federal privilege can be introduced regardless of the region’s decision, she explains. A zero rate for the profit tax in the federal budget will be valid for all participants of the SPIC without exception, the representative of the Ministry of Finance confirmed. In addition, the benefit can be applied to the profits that the company received directly from the project, it follows from the amendments.

Also, due to taxes, the construction of the infrastructure of the SPIC will be supported, Dvorkovich said. Entrepreneurs will be able to compensate for such costs from taxes that will pay for the project, the official says. Tax conditions and the burden on insurance premiums for projects will not change.
Another measure is the expansion of the spheres covered by SPIKi: investors in space technologies, nuclear energy, transport, information technologies can conclude them, it follows from the already published government decree.

Old and new SPIKi will exist for a while in parallel, says Gulis, but the new tool will be more interesting for investors. But it is important that the projects pass an independent risk assessment, EY director Sergei Luzan warns. Terms of access to a particular market should be equal, supported by another official.

Authors: Olga Adamchuk, Margarita Papchenkova, Vladimir Shtanov

Article in Russian: Vedomosti

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