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Dmitry Medvedev approved the creation of six new territories for advanced development

The government intends to select the status of territories of priority development if regional and municipal authorities do not involve residents in them.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree expanding the number of advanced development territories to 36. Six new TORs will appear in Tatarstan, Tambov region, Stavropol Krai and Karelia: in Kotovsk, Nevinnomyssk, Kondopoga, Chistopol, Zelenodolsk and Nizhnekamsk. “We expect that they will attract investments to the regions totaling almost 50 billion rubles,” the prime minister said at a meeting with his deputies. “But most importantly, it can be such a ray of hope in the development of these regions, these specific populated areas points, which will create a more favorable investment environment or, at least, create some kind of business activity. ”

There are many applications from the constituent entities of the Federation, and, according to First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, the government intends to consider them further, first of all supporting those territories where the situation with unemployment is especially severe.

But the results of the work of the TOR will also be increased by requirements. “This will primarily concern the responsibility of regional and municipal authorities so that when this status of the territory of advanced development is received, the responsibility of local and regional authorities to attract residents to these zones,” said the First Deputy Prime Minister. “After a reasonable period – we will additionally understand that this is for a period, most likely this is a year or two, if there are no residents in the territories of advanced development, then the government will have the opportunity to withdraw this status. ”

– This status is given under certain conditions. In general, according to the idea, which is incorporated in this law, it must be urgent, – Dmitry Medvedev stressed. – This applies to those territories that are created in the Far East, and concerns mono-profile urban entities.

The Prime Minister also announced the approval of the volume of subsidies that the government will allocate to Russian Railways to remove in some regions surplus grain produced by farmers this year. “This year, 1 billion rubles are allocated for this, and almost 2 billion are allocated to the budget of 2018,” he said. The funds will be used to compensate for losses in income that may arise in connection with the transportation of grain by shippers by rail. The government expects that the additional volume of transportation from 13 regions will be more than 3 million tons.

In addition, the meeting discussed the situation with the harvest. “In recent years, we have harvested a very good harvest of grain, this year an absolute maximum of over 140 million tons was achieved,” said Dmitry Medvedev, “and, as usual, in this case there are not only joys, but also some problems. very significant reserves were formed in the grain regions. ” According to the Ministry of Agriculture on December 20, harvesting in the bunker weight amounted to 140.5 million tons against 125.8 million tons for the same date last year. Rosstat on December 19 said that, according to preliminary data, 134.1 million tons of grain were harvested in net weight against 120.7 million tons in 2016. Thus, the historical record on the collection of grain in the Russian Federation – 127 million tons, which was established in 1978, was broken.

Author: Vladimir Kuzmin

Article in Russian: RG.ru

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