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Matthias Warnig became a co-owner of the Russian competitor Microsoft

Matias Varnig

Ex-intelligence officer of the GDR and a longtime acquaintance of Vladimir Putin acquired a stake in “New cloud technologies.”
The share in the company of Matthias Warnig was sold by the controlling shareholder of “New cloud technologies” Andrey Cheglakov – he confirmed to “Vedomosti” the data of the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.

Warnig is the Managing Director of Nord Stream 2 AG and a member of the Board of Directors of Rosneft, Transneft and UC Rusal and other major Russian companies. He is a former employee of the main intelligence agency of the GDR and a longtime acquaintance of President Vladimir Putin. Cheglakov, a former vice-president of Rostelecom, bought 40% of New Cloud Technologies in 2015 and gradually increased its share.

“New cloud technologies” develop a package “My office” – a platform for joint editing of documents and cloud storage of files, as well as a set of office services: a text editor, spreadsheets,
presentations and mail. The founder and CEO of the company Dmitry Komissarov believes that the appearance of Warnig among shareholders will allow dialogue with global technology players who do not have an office suite in cloud solutions and offer them a platform for integration.

Since January 1, 2016, the purchase of software by state authorities is limited to the register of domestic programs – or it is necessary to justify the purchase of the program not from the register. According to the plan of the Ministry of Communications by 2019, 80% of officials will switch to Russian software. State agencies will have to replace domestic and already purchased programs: by the end of 2017, Russian office packages should appear in the workplace at least 50% of officials, and domestic operating systems – at least 30%.

In October, according to the state purchases of the Ministry of Transport, it became clear that by the end of 2018 all employees of the ministry will have to work on the programs “My office”. In August, the Moscow mayor’s office decided to abandon Microsoft’s mail in favor of “New cloud technologies”, their software was bought also by Rostelecom and Rostek.

The representative of Warnig declined to comment. The share of domestic software for two years has changed little, said the executive director of the association “Domestic Soft” Eugene Vasilenko. The public sector accounted for about 15% of Russia’s revenue in revenue, a man familiar with his leadership told Vedomosti, but in the last year, less. Microsoft did not respond.

This year, the share in “New cloud technologies” was bought also by the general director of holding “Rosteha” RT-biotechprom Vasily Tsuprik (1.6%), and former vice-president of Rosneft Thomas Hendel (1.6%).

In 2015, a person familiar with the details of the Cheglakov deal, estimated “New cloud technologies” at 480 million rubles., Cheglakov agreed with the assessment; 1.8% then cost 21.6 million rubles. According to “SPARK-Interfax”, in 2016 the revenue of “New cloud technologies” was 196.2 million, and in 2015 – 0.95 million rubles. The cost of 1.8% with such a rapid increase in revenue should increase at times, says analyst Otkritie Capital Alexander Vengranovich.

Author: Kirill Sedov

Article in Russian: Vedomosti

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