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The Ilya Sherbovich company withdrew from the capital of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange

St. Petersburg Stock Exchange

The Cyprus company UCP Strategic Development Ltd., owned by the former head of UFG Ilya Sherbovich, withdrew from the capital of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, the new owner of 5.22% of the authorized capital of the exchange was Novaya Volna, Vadim Tyryshkin, RIA Novosti reported to the press service of the NP RTS – the main shareholder of the exchange.

“The number and percentage of votes in percent attributable to voting shares (St. Petersburg Stock Exchange – Ed.), Which constitute the authorized capital of the issuer, the right to dispose of which the person (Novaya Volna – Ed.) Received after the occurrence of the relevant grounds: 110,000 units / 5.22%, “- said the exchange.

Ilya Sherbovich confirmed RIA Novosti with the release of UCP Strategic Development Ltd. from the capital of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange.

“It was a small portfolio investment for UCP, we sold it, we are quite happy with the result, the Exchange continues to work and develop, and we wish its management and shareholders continued success,” Irina Lanina, managing director of the investment group UCP, commented to RIA Novosti.

In early 2011, the UCP investment fund acquired 9.97% of the common shares of the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange. According to the stock exchange, at the beginning of 2013 UCP Industrial Holding Ltd. owned 7% of the authorized capital stock exchange.

PJSC “St. Petersburg Stock Exchange” is one of the first trading platforms for the organization of trading in securities and futures contracts in Russia. Priority areas of the stock exchange are organized trades in securities and goods, as well as the activities of the repository, i.e. receipt of information on repurchase agreements, contracts that are derivative financial instruments and other contracts concluded not on organized trades on the terms of a general agreement (single agreement), in accordance with the Federal Law on the Securities Market.

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