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What do Russian billionaires post to the Instagram?

Sherbovich and Fish

Since Oleg Tinkov last June removed instagram, in the network as if there was no one to look at. Mikhail Prokhorov’s account has been frozen since 2012, Oleg Deripaska’s account is only laid out with protocol photos, Alisher Usmanov prefers YouTube. “Secret” chose several boring accounts of Russian businessmen.


Instagram of the founder of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky (about 16,000 subscribers) is dedicated to travel and nature. The businessman takes pictures of clouds, horses, sunsets from different trips, the last ones are China, New Zealand, Tien Shan, Antarctica. In an interview with “The Secret” he told me that he spends 400-500 hours a year on flights.

Himself Kaspersky as a real travel blogger is also often in the frame – he eats oysters, then jumps into the river and swims in the icy lake, then rides a city wall on his bicycle Sinai. Working photos are rare. In June, Kaspersky informed Instagram that the Laboratory had opened the R & D center in Jerusalem, and in May published a photo from his speech at the CeBIT exhibition in Australia.


President of UCP Investment Group Ilya Sherbovich became widely known for purchasing 48% of VKontakte’s shares in 2013. Pavel Durov claimed that the fund made a deal in the interests of Igor Sechin (Sherbovich joined the board of directors of Rosneft in 2012). Sherbovich repeatedly denied this, and in 2014 UCP sold the entire package “VKontakte” Mail.Ru Group for $ 1.47 billion.

Sherbovich was investing in many assets, including oil, since 2011 he kept a package of Transneft, which he sold in 2017. For the first time he was listed in the Forbes list in 2017, journalists estimated his fortune at $ 950 million.

In Sherbovich’s instagram there are only 1000 subscribers, he started the account recently and devoted it entirely to his main hobby – fly fishing. Almost on every photo he poses with a catch. Sherbovich has been fishing since childhood, he owns several world records for fishing with fly fishing, for example, in 2015 he caught the biggest taimen on the fly (if you follow the investor’s instagram longer, you can understand what it means).


The media investor (the TV channel Dozhd and the Republic website), as well as the co-owner of the Chaika clinic network, Alexander Vinokurov writes a lot in the instagram. Commented on the nomination of Ksenia Sobchak in the presidency, tells how the New York Times regulates the behavior of its employees in social networks, reports on the exhibitions that he attended and the marathons that he ran. Beautiful black and white photos, a lot of sports and family. Vinokurov often travels around Russia, in his instagram you can peep the route for the weekend.


The owner of the British newspapers Independent and Evening Standard, the largest private shareholder of Novaya Gazeta, Alexander Lebedev, publishes in the instragment (136,000 subscribers) mostly pictures and videos of his children – eight-year-old Nikita, six-year-old Egor and three-year-old Arina. Quite often, a 57-year-old businessman, through instagram, confesses to love Elena Perminova, who married in 2005. This summer, he gave her a birthday trip to the festival Burning man, in the account a lot of photos from this trip. Working horror stories are also there, but rarely. About his state and business Lebedev recently wrote a book, “The Secret” quoted from it here.


The co-owner of the oil company Ruspetro, the former top manager of the energy company FGC UES, Alexander Chistyakov, has collected 33,000 subscribers. They follow his wife, singer Glukoza, and daughters – a ten-year-old Lida and six-year-old Vera. Photos of the family are diluted with the PR of cartoons “Glukoza Production”, as well as the praises of the soloist of the group “Leningrad” Sergei Shnurov, Chistyakov’s friend.


The president and owner of the group of companies Crocus Group Araz Agalarov is a rather sentimental account. He puts photos from the family archive, starting with the 1930s and shows photos from the 1990s with old friends. Such tactics brought him 100,000 subscribers. Modern photographs are also there – Agalarov boasts of his grandchildren, takes pictures of lavish family feasts and is not afraid to post a photo with Donald Trump.


Restaurateur Arkady Novikov is a real blogger, 366 000 people have signed his instabs. Basically in the photo – food. From restaurants, from trips, from markets and home gatherings. Sometimes Novikov signs pictures with his own verses. For the full success of his account, the restaurateur puts photos and videos with his Shiba Inu breeds and sometimes makes ironic selfies.

Author: Svetlana Vitkovskaya


Article in Russian: Company’s Secret

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