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Russian Railways and Moscow are ready to invest 5 billion rubles in two children’s railways

Children Railways

“Russian Railways” and the government of Moscow are planning to build two children’s railways in Izmailovo Park and New Moscow. These projects worth 5 billion rubles. to compete with thematic children’s parks.

Russian Railways plans to build two children’s railways worth a total of 5 billion rubles, follows from the company’s long-term development program, which RBC has at its disposal. Now the preparation of project solutions is underway, the document says. According to the program, the projects are being developed jointly with the government of Moscow.

A representative of RZD confirmed this information to RBC. In the Moscow mayor’s office at the request of RBC has not yet responded.

RZD and the government of Moscow are exploring the possibility of creating children’s railways in the capital, said a representative of the state company. The timing of the project he did not name. According to him, now there is not a single children’s railway on the territory of the capital, and the nearest one is 20 km to Kratovo.

Railways are planned to be built on the territory of the park “Izmailovo”, in the Eastern Administrative District, and between the settlement of Moscow and the village of Salaryevo (the territory of New Moscow).

Deputy Director General of the theme park “Dream Island” under construction in the Nagatinskaya floodplain, Alexander Safonov positively assesses the prospects of such projects, but notes a number of difficulties. So, for example, the park “Izmaylovo” “has good accessibility and the existing flow of visitors”, but the Salarievo region is a new location “without the established predicted flow”.

Safonov notes that the target audience of children’s railways is 8-13 years old, this is “quite active” school age, but still “this is a narrow segment of the market.”

In general, the expert notes, the concept of edutaiment, that is, education and entertainment, is quite popular, however “in this segment in Moscow there are already a large number of competing projects, such as Kizaniya, Kidburg , not to mention the small local game zones. ”

A big role is also played by seasonality, notes Safonov. “Previously, we assume the possibility of operating such an attraction for eight months in a year (with the exception of winter), which certainly affects the payback,” – says the expert.

“The amount of investment in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles. for each road as a whole it looks quite acceptable, here, first of all, will be spent on the acquisition of rolling stock – most likely, it will be about 3-6 convoys per road, as well as infrastructure – roads, buildings, power lines, and also expenses for the start and development of the project, “- says analyst Alor Broker Kirill Yakovenko.

The expert says that the ticket to the attraction in Kratovo costs 120 rubles. and it is unlikely that the new facilities will cost more. “Paying off the road will be clearly at the expense of advertisers and tenants, but it is obvious that it will not bring 100% of the payback,” he said, adding that, “most likely, the projects will be subsidized additionally from the budget of the Moscow government and supported by Russian Railways.”

In addition to children’s railways, RZhD and the Moscow government plan to invest in the development of the Moscow railway network. According to the long-term development program, Russian Railways President Oleg Belozerov and Mayor Sergei Sobyanin decided to form the program “The Eyes of a Passenger” at a meeting on September 25. It provides for an investment of 41.5 billion rubles. for the reconstruction and modernization of passenger areas, as well as tunnels and adjacent territories to the railways of Moscow. The funds for this program will be invested on an equal footing.

The representative of the Department of Transportation of Moscow has not yet responded to the request of RBC.

The largest joint project of RZD and Moscow was the construction of the Moscow Central Ring (MCC) – a circular railway line. The construction of the MCC lasted from 2014 to 2016. Investments amounted to more than 100 billion rubles., Of which 74 billion rubles. spent Railways. Transport services for passengers are carried out by the Directorate of high-speed communication (branch of the Russian Railways), electric trains “Swallow” run around the MCC.

Author: Vasily Marinin

Article in Russian: RBC Daily

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