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New dollar billionaire from Russia made a fortune on seeds

Denis Shtengelov

Way from sunflower seeds to a billion: a new dollar billionaire has appeared in Russia, Bloomberg explained. This is the owner of the largest snack producer “KVD groups” Denis Stengelov. According to the edition, the businessman was very much helped by the economic collapse in Russia. How are states created on crunches, wafers and seeds?

The success of the new Russian billionaire forged by the hands of Siberian grandmothers. The beginning entrepreneur in the 90s was engaged in small wholesale trade of raw seeds in Tomsk. Older women bought them, fried and sold on the street. According to the memories of witnesses of those times, the glass, which the grandmother immediately poured into his pocket, cost 50 rubles – now it’s 5 cents.

Soon Denis Shtengelov bought a confectionery factory in the Kemerovo region, supplied new equipment. Demand for waffles and biscuits increased, and the businessman purchased several more mills. It was already in the late 90’s – at the beginning of the zero. If someone writes the full history of Russian business, then the chapter on the growth of the snack market can take its place. The dynamics are impressive – several tens of percent per year. Manufacturers, including “KVD groups” Denis Shtengelov, felt great.

Then there was an invisible war between foreign chips and Russian crackers as the best snack for beer. Crackers, who had new tastes and beautiful packaging, won. And in the middle of the zero was a marketing war between the producers of crackers “Kirieshki” and “Three crusts.” They publicly figured out whether crusts could be called crumbs, but their FAS reasoned, deciding that crackers could still be called crusts. As Kommersant noted, Denis Stengelov took advantage of the fact that the companies weakened during the confrontation. In addition, the world crisis has come. As a result, the businessman bought both producers. And yet, a real breakthrough occurred during the last economic collapse. Sales of “KVD groups” doubled, almost to 100 billion rubles a year.

Denis Stengelov himself declined to comment on Bloomberg’s entry into the circle of dollar billionaires. Business FM did not answer calls. He is not a particularly public person. He lives, as the Siberian journalists write, still in Tomsk, he goes to local restaurants. From time to time he gives an interview to the Tomsk media, stating that he intends to continue to conduct business in Russia. But the family moved to Australia: there is better education and there is no USE, which, as he said Tomsk teachers, you need to think from the third class.
In Australia, Stengelov also has projects – a sports complex, a golf center, a tennis academy. As for the production of snacks, this is for domestic consumption. Now the media writes that the Russians “seized” the crisis with snacks. The snack costs less than a dollar. Waffles from domestic flour is cheaper than the price of chocolate. What happened was that the Russian authorities declared: the devaluation supported the domestic producer. Although the Russians have switched to the products of the new billionaire, not from a good life. There is also such a consumer trend: the same crackers usually bought for beer. Now more often to just eat.

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