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Alexander Novak: there is practically no limit to hydrocarbon production

Alexander Novak

There is practically no limit to the production of hydrocarbons, particularly oil. This was stated by the Minister of Energy of Russia Alexander Novak during the youth day of the Russian Energy Week, RIA Novosti reported.

“There is such a theory – the peak oil, which was previously very actively discussed in the energy community. Peak oil – when production and production of oil reaches its peak and there will no longer be an opportunity to increase production volumes. But the last ten years have not been discussed yet, since the appearance of oil shale, new technologies have appeared and we see that there is no limit to the extraction of oil, no production of hydrocarbons, there is only a limit in terms of limiting demand, “Novak said.

According to him, new technologies make it possible to extract hydrocarbons almost from stone. The minister stressed that, according to experts, the share of hydrocarbons in the world energy balance is now 85%, and in 20 years it may drop to 75%.

“Many agree that hydrocarbons will fall in the next 20 years, but will increase in absolute terms, because energy consumption in the world will grow, by 2035 the total energy demand will grow by about 30%,” the head added. departments.

Novak also noted that the increase in energy consumption stimulates the use of telephones, computers, and crypto-currency mining.

Original in Russian: Gazeta.ru

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