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Ilya Sherbovich (UCP) about Pavel Durov and the deal with “VKontakte” (VK.com)

Ilya Sherbovich

Ilya Sherbovich – the main investor in the consortium, bought 48% of the company from co-founders of VKontakte Vyacheslav Mirilashvili and Lev Leviev. He is one of the most experienced investment bankers on the Russian market. He has been with United Capital Partners since 2007 ($ 3.5 billion of investments and assets under management).

Prior to that, Sherbovich was the head of the Deutsche UFG investment bank (UFG), which in the 90s helped foreigners buy “prohibited” shares of Gazprom. Among the UCP wards are the network “Fashion Continent”, the RTS exchange, the “Lebedyansky” juice producer, “SalavatNefteOrgSintez” and others. Sherbovich as an independent director is on the boards of directors of Rosneft, Transneft and FSK.

About Pavel Durov

The person who created such a company can not but cause respect. Our intentions are the most constructive: we want the company to develop. In the technical and creative part, which Durov and management are engaged in, we are not going to interfere. Our interest is simple: the company must grow and develop, shareholder value should increase. We are ready to deal with the problems of the company jointly with other shareholders.

About connection of the transaction and media attack on “VKontakte”

We are worried that this incident [the alleged attack of Durov’s car on the inspector of the DPS] occurred. It looks like some kind of misunderstanding. I do not know if Paul was in this car or not. But it is not worth linking our deal to these events. As far as I understand, the accident happened on April 5, and we signed the purchase and sale agreement with Leviev and Mirilashvili on April 2. Negotiations began in January. So it’s unclear what kind of connection there can be. I hope that the misunderstanding with the road accident will end. Please do not look for any conspiracy theories here.

On possible claims of VKontakte shareholders

We were advised by experienced lawyers. From our side -Linklaters. From Mirilashvili and Leviev – Skadden. They would not advise us to make a deal in violation of the rights of third parties.

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Author: Anna Baraulina

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