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The Russian led a major international IT company

Andrei Baronov

Veeam® Software, the provider of innovative solutions for the availability of data in the enterprise segment, announces that Executive Director Peter McKay, as well as co-founder, board member and technical director Andrey Barons were appointed to the position of co-managing directors.

The current CEO William H. Largent (William H. Largent) will take the role of chairman of the Committee on Finance and Compensation (Chairman of the Finance & Compensation Committees). Co-founder Veeam Ratmir Timashev will remain in the same position.

These changes will give the company additional strength to continue active expansion in the corporate and cloud segments, as well as provide growth in the markets of America and the Pacific. In addition, Veeam remains faithful to its goal – to become a company with revenues of $ 1 billion by 2019.

In the role of co-managing directors, Andrei Baronov and Peter McKay will focus on the main tasks and as board members along with William Largent and Ratmir Timashev will be responsible for optimizing the potential and further growth of the company:

In the role of co-managing director, Andrey Baronov will also continue to perform the duties of technical director and will monitor the research and development of Veeam, the market strategy and product management for the further expansion of the company’s market.

Peter McKay will lead Veeam’s activities to enter new markets, will be responsible for financial and HR issues, and together with Andrei Baronov as co-managing director will ensure the future growth of the company.

In the role of chairman of the Finance and Compensation Committee, William Largent will oversee all aspects of company management, the tax system and investments, and conduct internal audit of the company.

Article in Russian: Business Journal, 05/18/2017

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